The Personalized Health Assistance SystEm, PHASE, is an affordable solution for home-based rehabilitation and
monitoring of stroke patients that aims at using daily
training data to predict responsiveness to treatment.

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The massive prevalence of stroke (80M chronic patients worldwide) and the fast aging of the population, with its associated increase in non-communicable pathologies, put great pressure on healthcare systems, which lack the infrastructure and human resources to meet this growing demand. There is a critical need for telemedicine solutions to optimize hospital resources and deliver high-quality care for patients.


PHASE will deliver a science-grounded, scalable solution to reduce costs and enhance the quality of care by providing daily monitoring and treatment at home. Through AI-based patient models and consumer electronics such as smartphones, laptops, and smartwatches, PHASE will predict responsiveness to treatment and deliver optimum stroke intervention programs accordingly.


Main Goal

Scientific studies indicate that motor disability due to stroke is associated with long hospitalization periods. The associated loss of independence requires patient-care intensive periods to be ready to go home. For this reason, PHASE is centered in motor rehabilitation designed to speed-up the recovery of the patients autonomy and hospital discharge.



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